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The Sun is looking brighter for Virginia renewable energy

From the Richmond Times-Dispatch By ROBERT ZULLO Richmond Times-Dispatch Mar 26, 2017   Not too long ago, solar installers and manufacturers were heavily reliant on a mix of state and federal government incentives to make the and the installations affordable enough to be attractive to consumers. Though a federal tax credit remains in place until 2021, with the prices of panels and installation falling about 63 percent over the past five years, per the Solar Energy Industries Association trade group,...
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Top 10 Solar States

Thanks to we have the top 10 Solar States based on cumulative solar capacity installed through 2016. It also includes the number of megawatts installed per state and number of houses powered per megawatt of solar added. We also show the rankings “remixed” based on the number of solar jobs, solar capacity installed in 2016, solar capacity per capita, and how much each state climbed in the overall rankings last year. Individual States

Is your home a good candidate for solar power?

There are several factors that will determine whether your home is a good candidate for solar power. Here are some of the requirements for solar power: First, think about your climate. Does your city get a lot of sunshine that can power ? Sunny locations like San Diego or Tucson are great for a solar energy system, whereas rainy cities like Portland or Seattle may not reap as many of the benefits of a solar panel system. Another important consideration...
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Best in Solar Power!

Here at Review Solar Power we bring you the latest, the greatest, the best in solar panel and solar panel kits. Affordable solar products to power your world. Whatever type of solar panel, solar panel kit you want – we cover the best! So dig on in, review what you like, compare features, and buy the most affordable and best rated solar energy products! SOLAR PANELS THAT POWER SAVINGS The solar panels found in our pages not only generate energy...
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10 Reasons for going solar

A financial return with every sunrise Your solar savings begin when you flip the switch on your and grow over time. It’s a great long-term investment.   Sell excess power to the utility company Whenever you are generating more power than you need, your meter will spin backward and the utility company will credit you for your excess power.   There are lots of government programs to help Specific government programs depend on where you live, but there are plenty out there...
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New IRENA Report Details How Renewables Can Decarbonise the Energy Sector and Improve the Lives of Billions

Press Releases 15 Jan 2017 Abu Dhabi, U.A.E., 15 January 2017 — Falling costs, driven by innovation in technology and policy, is spurring renewable energy deployment and with it a myriad of socioeconomic benefits, according to the new comprehensive publication released by the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA). REthinking Energy, now in its third edition,was released today at IRENA’s seventh Assembly, the Agency’s ultimate decision-making authority. “Renewables are gaining ground by nearly every measure. Accelerating the pace of the energy...
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What Is Solar Energy?

A very quick rundown on what solar energy is: Every day the sun radiates or sends out, an enormous amount of energy. It radiates more energy in one second than people have used since time began. Where does all this energy come from? It comes from within the sun itself. Like most stars, the sun is a big gas ball made up mostly of hydrogen and helium gas. The sun makes energy in its inner core in a process called nuclear...
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